Meet Azita Ansari, L.Ac., MSOM

About Azita Ansari

Azita Ansari, L.Ac., MSOM is a licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist with a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her work stems from a deep desire to help people overcome physical as well as emotional challenges to improve their health and wellbeing and feel better! Cheryl is passionate about health and being a part of the healing process with her patients. Her mission is to provide the best quality of care and look at each person as an individual.

Azita will assess patients by taking a detailed history and not only will she use acupuncture and herbal medicine, but will also offer nutritional and lifestyle counseling to provide her patients with practical strategies and greater wisdom to improve their health and make better choices in their daily lives.

Azita received her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emprero’s college of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica CA, which is a four-year full-time accredited college. In addition, she has a wide variety of experience working with many different types of people including the general public, senior citizens, children, and workers compensation.

Her clinical experience includes the following: General Public Clinic at Emprero’s college of oriental medicine, Infertility clinic in Santa Monica, pain management collaborating with orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles, 5 Years of treating PTSD in the trauma center.